The concrete producing companies among the construction enterprises are using iron oxide pigments or in colloquial speech “coloured concrete paint” to produce coloured concrete, according to the requirements of their customers.

Iron Oxide Pigments

This paint is preferred, because it is one of the inorganic pigments and the most resistant to sunlight and changes in weather conditions, and also compatible with sand, gravel, cement, which form the concrete.

According to the colour of raw materials of cement, used for concrete production, or according to the colour of sand and gravel, there can be colour differences for the same product, even if they are on a small scale. This is a matter to be considered by concrete producers, especially while purchasing the new party of cement and aggregates.

Concrete Companies Participating In The Production Of Coloured Concrete

The companies obtain their products with help of the concrete plants and the concrete shaker in other words concrete mixers, which prepare the concrete first and then by using locked concrete paving stone machines, concrete tile presses, concrete spraying machines or as an alternative method, by filling the plastic decorative stone moulds with coloured concrete, which is formed as wet casting concrete and finally by placing this concrete on the vibration tables.

Decorative Paving Stone Moulds

The coloured concrete, prepared in small mixers, can be moulded manually or by automatic filling machines as well. There are plastic mould removing machines to remove the decorative stone moulds.

As Sun Pigment, we are providing services to you, -our dear customers-, including locked concrete paving stone machines, paving stone moulds made of steel, brushes for concrete paving stone machines, brushes for concrete kerbs and concrete paving stone machine palettes, tile presses, concrete shakers, concrete mixers, automatic filling machines for decorative paving stones, vibration tables and plastic mould removing machines.

Our customers, doing landscaping, paysage, infrastructure and superstructure works in the construction sector by producing coloured concrete, can use ever top level Sun Pigments, i.e. iron oxide pigments as wet casting concrete or as colouring admixture for dry concrete in their products, such as locked concrete paving stones, decorative concrete paving tiles, decorative concrete flooring, decorative concrete facade covering, decorative concrete grass stones, decorative concrete fencing, decorative concrete column caps, decorative concrete water gutters, and decorative concrete kerbs. At the same time, they can build all their concrete products through the decorative stone plastic moulds, which we offer for their use.

Sun Pigment, i.e. iron oxide pigments can be used with peace of mind in production of concrete roof tiles, fibrous cement coloured slabs, patterned concrete, printed concrete, coloured field concrete, coloured floor concrete, coloured concrete screed, coloured road concrete, coping, concrete walls, beams, briquettes, coloured shotcrete, surface hardeners, coloured paving stones and similar prefabricated concrete elements.

Through the trademark SunX, our company also provides concrete admixtures, like concrete surface dosers, concrete surface protection, mould oils, air entrainers, set accelerating admixtures, retarders.

We, as Sun Pigment, will continue to offer all these services with the highest quality and optimal costs, targeting maximum customer’s satisfaction.

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