For providing ease of handling and in terms of preventing any damage of the products produced by our customers during their transportation to usage area, we offer Stretch Films, Polyester Circles and tension machines, clasps and braces that are necessary for connecting the circle to utilization of our customers which makes us happy.


Our stretches are produced by cast film technology, they are unilateral and bilateral and containing UV additive, also both externally and internally they are slippery. As well as it is transparent and bright, offers 300 % tension performance. However, it puts up maximum resistance against puncture and tear.

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Thickness (Micron) Width (cm) Length (m) Bobbin Weight (kg) Strech Weight (kg) Unit Weight (kg) Package Usage
17 50 300 0.035 2.05 2.058 6 pcs/Parcel Hand Apparatus
13 3.15 3.185
17 1500 1.5 10.5 12.0 50 pcs/Pallet Machine
23 13.5 15.0
30 15.15 16.65
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